Welcome to the CHAKANA-ARQ Network which, as of April 2021, will be called the Network of Archaeologists of Latin America and the Caribbean. This name will replace the Network of Archaeologists of Northern South America and Western Mexico, CHAKANA-ARQ, which had its origin in the framework of the Colombian Congress of Archaeology, held at the Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla - Colombia, between 10-12 May 2017.

The CHAKANA-ARQ Network emerged as an initiative of several Latin American archaeologists to strengthen the research, academic training and knowledge sharing resources that existed in several universities, schools, institutes, research groups, archaeological museums and academic societies in Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador. Now, in its new phase, the CHAKANA-ARQ Network will extend its actions to all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Why create the CHAKANA-ARQ Network?

1. To facilitate contact and scientific exchange between archaeologists from Latin America and the Caribbean.

2. To work as a team, between universities and research institutes, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations, in the fields of archaeological research, cultural heritage, museum anthropology, and the teaching of archaeology and pre-Hispanic history in Latin America and the Caribbean.

3. To encourage the development of undergraduate and graduate academic programs in Anthropology, Archaeology and Pre-Hispanic History.

4. To widely disseminate the activities we carry out in our countries in the fields of archaeology, cultural heritage, history teaching and archaeological museums.

5. To support the actions of our Latin American institutions in the conservation of archaeological contexts and the archaeological collections that exist in the museums of our countries.

Upcoming Activities


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