CHAKANA-ARQ Network Fundamentals


The three pillars on which the CHAKANA-ARQ Network is based revolve around the promotion of scientific research, academic training, and the socialization of knowledge.


Working from a multidisciplinary perspective, promote lines of research that allow us to readily answer common questions about history, culture, and pre-Hispanic art.

Academic training

Strengthen the training of our students, emphasizing the various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that exist in our educational institutions.

The CHAKANA-ARQ Network will also stimulate and contribute to the organization of certificate programs, seminars, symposia, courses and workshops utilizing the resources of the institutions that are part of the Network.


Recognizing the importance of managing our cultural resources and the legislation that underpins cultural heritage preservation, as well as disseminating knowledge about its significance to the public, the CHAKANA-ARQ Network will work to promote the socialization of our histories through articles, books, magazines, open forums, seminars, etc. It will also place emphasis on the virtual dissemination of information using the Internet and social networks.


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